An innovative system of rents, of short stays in general, that allows the owners of apartments in a building to obtain an annual rent from their properties. Membership is optional and has no cost, nor restrictions to enter or exit the system.

It is a very efficient rental system, without any restriction on the use of your unit for the owners, since it gives them the possibility to use and dispose of their apartment for personal enjoyment, and also to receive rental income throughout the year, without having to deal with any commercial, operational or administrative aspect of said real estate activity. It maximizes the annual rental income by managing its offer collectively and formally, through the largest portals and tourism agencies in the world. The professional operators of this system group lessors to jointly manage their operations, their administration and their commercial offer.

It offers accommodation with the use of swimming pool, jacuzzis, solarium, games room and also maid services, concierge, breakfast, lunch and dinner through agreements with neighboring restaurants, as well as a variety of service packages that are key to complement and potential rents. With minimum and reasonable equipment and decoration requirements, it is possible to lease efficiently throughout the year obtaining a variable annual income.

The initial profitability expected for the owners in the first periods will be in the order of 5% to 10% per year, increasing as it accumulates the development of the activity and the conformation of the usual passenger portfolio.